Friday, April 5, 2013

The Weird Sisters by Eleanor Brown

My friend from back home sent me this book for my birthday. Not sure if I am supposed to read into the title?! She may know too much about my family! Thanks Audrey.

The Weird Sisters by Eleanor Brown in all honesty took a few chapters for me to get into the characters. It is about 3 sisters in their 20's/30's who end up moving back home to "help" their mom through cancer, but in reality it is to get away from their own messed up lives. I kept waiting for something big to happen. Maybe a 4th sister that died or maybe one of them finding out they have a different dad (I blame reality TV).  But it was a pretty straight forward story about a family...or maybe it felt straight forward because I come from my own crazy family! Once I stopped trying to predict the big twist I really enjoyed just following their stories. It was fun to pick out bits and pieces of my sisters in the characters. Having 4 sisters and 2 brothers I really love the dynamics of siblings. There is nothing like the connection, love and friendship between siblings. The way each of our lives and personalities are shaped because of where we fell in line. It makes me wonder if my personality would be different if I would have been the oldest or the baby of the family. But I like being number 6 of 7 kids in a family and I love growing up in a big crazy family!

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  1. Bring it when you come home. I would love to borrow it! -Denise