Monday, May 6, 2013

Whom the Lord Loveth: The Journey of Discipleship by Neal A Maxwell

Neal A Maxwell was an apostle from 1981 until he passed away in to 2004.  This book was published the year before he passed. He was known for his "extensive vocabulary and elegant writing style" which was evident in this book! I am not going to lie, this was a hard book for me to stick with. Probably why I started in 2003 when my parents gave it to me and never finished.  I had to read some of it over and over because it was hard to follow at times. The saving grace for me was each chapter was only 1 to 3 pages. So I could read a little and put it down when my brain was on overload. Definitely a great small doses.

Favorite Quotes

"God, a loving Father, is mercifully willing to give all that we are willing to receive."

"When, like a big boulder, a large blessing rolls visibly into place, it is certainly noticed, appreciated, and counted. Meanwhile, however, the less-noticed, pebble-sized blessings mount up, layer upon layer. Cumulatively, the latter may out-mass many of our large blessings. Those seemingly smaller blessings are the frequent, subtle signals that He is mindful of us."

"Sometimes we get so busy discussing the doctrines that talking about them almost becomes a substitute for applying them."

"He who was most wounded knows how to heal us."

"...we mortals should not dismiss God's higher ways, as if we can gavel out of existence all that which we cannot comprehend."

"Faith, indeed, is the moving cause of spiritual action."

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