Monday, October 7, 2013

Life is Too Short for Linoleum by Connie E Sokol


Life is Too Short for Linoleum is another fun book by Connie E. Sokol about lightening up as a women and as a mom. She always knows what to say to relate to how crazy I feel! Being a mom is hard and it is always a good reminder that life isn't perfect, kids aren't perfect, and I am not perfect...and that is ok. One line in the book made me laugh out loud referring to raising kids.

 "But our policy is, when the children graduate they'll get $3,000 for therapy and we'll call it good." That is an on going joke between my sister and I...nothing a little therapy can't fix right!

Another chapter in the book is exactly what I needed right now. Moving away from family, friends, Bunco group and coed softball team was hard. I was enjoying life and felt more balanced when there was something for Cheryl to do. For a while I had a friend here that was my work out and racquetball buddy. But after she moved I was back in a slump. Connie talks about the importance of big dreams and also small weekly activities. Just because I am a stay at home mom doesn't mean Cheryl disappeared. So I found a class at Michael's for cake decorating, convinced a friend to join with me (because everything is better with a girlfriend!) and will be taking one night a week to recharge.  Her main point was we needed to make it happen. Make it a priority. In the end a better, happier me will lead to a better, happier mom and wife.

  Favorite Quotes:

"When we stop comparing, we experience more life contentment."

"Anger and resentment - even when justified - suppress our natural joy and motivation to live, love and do." 

Get rid of the emotional weight that's holding down, whether it's a grudge or a fear or something in between. And enjoy the fresh new energy you gain." 

"Forget being a martyr and start having more fun in daily life." 

"That's our parental stewardship, to ensure that home is a soft place to land, with positive words and warm affection, a safe harbor from the world." 

"Being an advocate for your child starts as simply as asking a question and listening to the answer."

"Try being a "B+" in life. It's fabulous! Enjoy not being a neurotic "A" in things that aren't vital, and you'll have more quality of life."